My beautiful family

My beautiful family
I wish we had all of these beautiful fruits and vegetables available to us here in Bethel!! This was taken last fall at Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Berry Picking, Muffins and Cutting Salmon

I went berry picking the other day with a friend from work.  We did not have a lot of luck getting too many berries but it was very fun.  I had never been on the tundra before and it was an interesting experience.  It is very soft and squishy and grows many different plants.  It was a great work out to walk around on the tundra for a couple of hours. Rebecca made the muffins and they were amazing!!  My daughter Chelsea and I went out again and boy did we look cute in our out fits.  I don't think the berries or the tundra cared!!  It was fun but it is a lot of hard work!  This same friend gave us some silver salmon that they caught on the Kuskokwim river.  We had no idea how to cut them so a friend from church had my son Tyler over and taught him how to fillet and how to make steaks!!  It was both fun and gross!! Bethel has been a great experience so far!!

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